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Joel Weldon's Ultimate Speaking System includes a 178-page book (the ToolBox) with 55 Speaking Tools, Tactics and Strategies
9 Audios to guide you through the entire system.
Members-Only Access to a Private Facebook Page to Interact with Other Ultimate Speakers.
Top Hall of Fame Speakers such as Tom Hopkins, Larry Winget, Rita Davenport, Glenna Salsbury and many more!

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Brian Tracy
Speaker & Author

Dan Sullivan
Founder of Strategic Coach

Joe Polish
CEO Genius Network

Summer Felix
Co-Founder of Draw Shop

Curt Pavlicek
CEO Pinnacle Aviation

The only speaking system that will save you decades of time!

What is Joel Weldon's
Ultimate Speaking System?

Joel Weldon's Ultimate Speaking System is a masterful approach to organizing your ideas to create a powerful message that is all about the audience's needs!

Joel Weldon's proven system will save you time and give you the tools you need to become an Ultimate Speaker.

About Joel Weldon

As a former construction worker who turned down a four-year college scholarship because he thought he just wasn’t “smart enough” to go to college, Joel Weldon is living proof of the power of one idea, when acted upon, to transform your life! For over forty years Joel’s been one of the most highly respected and sought-after keynote speakers and sales trainers in North America.He has been an Idea consultant and Executive Speech Coach for some of the world’s leading businesses. Companies that hired him four decades ago are still hiring him today.Why? Because he gets RESULTS!

Joel is the only speaker to have earned all four of the highest honors in the speaking profession: THE GOLDEN GAVEL, “for his profound impact on corporate America,” the coveted Communication & Leadership Award, induction into the SPEAKERS HALL OF FAME, and in 2006 he was named LEGEND OF THE SPEAKING PROFESSION.

David Porter CEO & Industry Speaker

"Joel Weldon's Ultimate Speaking System has changed my life in a positive way."

Stefan Wissenbach President & CEO

"Being able to speak and deliver a great presentation is a skill we can't afford not to learn."

What's included in Joel Weldon's Ultimate Speaking System?

PART 1: The Foundation

The Philosophy of Public Speaking.
Connecting with your Audience.
Ten Thousand Mentors.
Stop Practicing!

In this section you will discover the foundation of the entire Ultimate Speaking to connect with your audience and stay connected, using the specific tools that Joel has developed. The N-F-V formula, that you learned today, is just the first tool that will allow you to tune in to your audience and open the way for you to craft just the right message for that audience.

PART 2: Developing Your Message

Organizing your Message.
Ten Building Blocks to Speaking Success.
Building Credibility & Trust.
How to Be Unforgettable!

In this section, you will learn the Ten Building Blocks of developing your message. These building blocks are critical to moving your message from your mind to the mind of your listener in an organized, step by step process, with such clarity, it will be impossible to be misunderstood. And the London Bridge is just one tool from this section.

PART 3: Your Delivery Techniques

Don't Memorize your Speech!
How to use POWER Words.
Audience Participation.
Funny Equals Money!

In this section, you'll see how to keep your audience engaged as you make your message come to life, by adding even more impact to it with power words. You'll discover ways to present statistics creatively, to use humor even if you're not a funny person, and to use notes discreetly and not memorize your message.

PART 4: Polishing Points.

The Ultimate Checklist for Success.
Meeting Room Dynamics.
You're on the Air! Media and More!
Simple Tricks to Think Quickly on your Feet.

In this section, you'll find specific checklists for your success. You'll understand meeting room dynamics and how to control the environment. You'll discover powerful tools and techniques for thinking quickly on your feet, and for saying the right thing at the right time, with unshakable confidence. The tools you learn in this section will make you look like a professional. How to write an effective introduction and how to avoid the common mistakes that can occur while speaking.

Brian Kurtz Marketing Dir. & Exec. VP

"I had no idea how much better of speaker I could be until I got a hold of Joel Weldon's Ultimate Speaking System."

Jason Fladlein CEO & Online Marketer

"I just follow Joel's system. It's as simple as ABC 123. I don't even think about it. I put it in and it works!"

LIFETIME Membership for only $1,797.00

Joel Weldon's Ultimate Speaking System includes a 178-page book (the ToolBox) with 55 Speaking Tools, Tactics and Strategies
9 Audios to guide you through the entire system.
Members-Only Access to a Private Facebook Page to Interact with Other Ultimate Speakers.
Top Hall of Fame Speakers such as Tom Hopkins, Larry Winget, Rita Davenport, Glenna Salsbury and many more!

Bonus! Members Receive Exclusive Video Interviews.

Members Only Video Resource Library

As an Ultimate Speaker, you will have exclusive access to our own video resource library with top speakers, authors, and executives sharing even more great ideas and speaking strategies.

Larry Winget

The Pitbull of Personal Development, Speaker, Best Selling Author, TV Personality
Why you need a brand & how you can exploit it.
How to handle an audience member who challenges you as a speaker.
How to engage your audience quickly & get them on your side!
Things you can count on for sure.
Words of wisdom from one whose advice can be worth millions.


World's Leading Speaker & Author on Sales
How the AIDA Formula works today to organize your ideas.
How to teach concepts and techniques and be amazing in your audience’s eyes!
How using exactly the right words can dramatically improve the results of your call to action!
How to connect personally with audience members when there are thousands of them!


Sales Strategist, Trainer & Hall of Fame Speaker
How as an expert & a leader you can be even more persuasive in your communication when you’re in front of an audience.
How to be yourself and why it’s so critical.
How to connect even better with your audience by avoiding group language.
How to keep reinforcing your connection with your audience at least every 75 seconds.


Management Consultant & Hall of Fame Speaker
Using your life experiences, both victories and failures, to help your audience.
How to combine personal development with organizational development.
The greatest speech in a 45-year career and how you can do it in a lot less time.
The greatest speeches seen and heard in over half a century.


Hall of Fame Speaker & Author
What an audience can figure out about the real you, and why you must know who you really are.
What are your core values and why are they vital to you as a speaker?
How to talk about subjects ordinary speakers perceive as untouchable.
How finding out and using what really matters to your audience can take your speaking to the next level.


Speaker, Author, Ex-SWAT Team Commander
Three keys to creating a tactical plan or a speaking plan.
Using your past career experience to relate to your audience.
How your book adds to your credibility and increases your impact on your audience.

Summer Felix Co-Founder of the Draw Shop

"JOEL'S system makes speaking so simple and clear. Knowing the strategy behind how to get the audience engaged and what they need to walk away with."

Joe Polish Founder of Genius Network

"Being a more effective speaker improves all areas of your life including your income and results."